The Science Around NasitrolĀ®

NasitrolĀ® patented dual action formula is designed to moisturize your sinuses and provide relief for allergies, colds, and the flu without irritation of the respiratory upper airway.

– NasitrolĀ® isotonic Sodium Chloride solution provides a safe and effective moisture spray that relieves sinus dryness while preserving the ionic balance of the nasal cavity.

– Iota carrageenan creates a temporary protective layer when administer in the nasal cavity that remains in place for several hours. This natural protective layer extending the moisturizing and protective layer remains in place until the next application of the product

– Nasitrolā€™s spray delivery device is designed to maximize the coverage of the entire internal surface of the sinus with a precise dose of the productā€™s proprietary formulation

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Want to learn more? Read below the scientific studies support
the use of Nasitrol action is supported by scientific evidence

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Want to learn more? Read below the scientific studies support
the use of Nasitrol action is supported by scientific evidence

In vitro study of Iota carrageenan in SARS-CoV-2

This study performed at the University of Tennessee provides evidence of the inhibitory effect of Iota Carrageenan on the propagation of SARS-CoV-2 in a call based assay.

Bansal S. (2020) Iota Carrageenan and Xylitol inhibit SARS-CoV-2 cell culture, bioRxiv, Aug. 2020.

A Nasitrol clinical trial ICU hospital personnel exposed to SARS-CoV-2

An independent, double blinded, placebo controlled multicenter clinical trial providing evidence of the protective effect of NasitrolĀ® in doctors and nurses highly exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (personnel dedicated to the COVID-19 ICU) during a period of one month.

Figueroa (2021), Efficacy of a nasal spray containing Iota-Carrageenan in the prophylaxis of COVID-19 in hospital personnel dedicated to patients care with COVID-19 disease, medRxiv, 2021

A clinical study describing the effects of Iota Carrageenan in the prevention of common cold

An independent study evaluates theĀ  safety and efficacy of use of an Iota Carrageenan nasal spray to mitigate the symptoms of common cold

Eccles R. et al. (2010), Efficacy and safety of an antiviral Iota-Carrageenan nasal spray: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled exploratory study in volunteers with early symptoms of the common cold, Respiratory Research 2010, 11:108

Safety evaluation of Iota Carrageenan in the nasal cavity

Authors of the study evaluate the safety of Iota Carrageenan formulations in in vitro and animal studies

Hebar A. et al. (2015) Non-Clinical Safety Evaluation of Intranasal Iota- Carrageenan, PLoS ONE 10(4): e0122911. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0122911

Medical Disclaimer per FTC Guidelines

While there may be information on the NasitrolĀ® website relating to certain conditions, including COVID, cold, flu and similar condition, should a medical condition exist, promptly see your own physician or health provider. NasitrolĀ® does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice. NasitrolĀ® makes no claims that it can cure, treat or prevent any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials, including COVID, cold, flu and similar condition. The information, including any scientific or clinical research, is made available for educational purposes only. This information helps people make informed decisions about potential treatment options for the various conditions referenced in the information. NasitrolĀ® therefore makes every effort to ensure that any information it shares complies with national and international standards for clinical trial information and is committed to the timely disclosure of the design and results of all interventional clinical studies for innovative treatments available or that may be made available. However, research is not considered conclusive. Always consult your healthcare provider with any questions.
If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions or other conditions, including sinus and related conditions such as congestion, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications as NasitrolĀ®Ā  is not intended to replace or supplement any prescription medications.
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